Sex Doll Damage And Repairs

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As well as the recent developments in the last section there are a number of things that are likely to be at least tested and then included as an option or as standard in the dolls of the future. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a big one and although, some companies are trying to develop their own, it is likely that dolls of the future will integrate the AI of the big companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft. This will allow us to have direct conversations and, most likely, give instructions to our dolls.

A rather under-developed and not yet focused upon feature is movement. The dolls of the future will be able to move around in a sexual manner (such as gyrating and sucking) as well as be able to walk around and perform human activities.


There may even come a point when sex robots become indistinguishable from humans – both in looks and actions. This may even move into tranhumanism, whereby humans merge or transport their consciousness into them.


The Threat Of Sex Dolls

This is more commonly seen as the threat of sex robots but this is where they started and the argument is still relevant.

The fact is that many men are now having a sex doll instead of a girlfriend or wife. So it could be argued that they are a threat to institute of marriage or society itself. If relationships break down then something else may emerge. Examples of this may be that women only cluster to certain men for pregnancy or not at all. This could ultimately lead to a drop in birthrate and potential extinction of the species. However this seems unlikely, as the human instinct to procreate is what got us to the current population numbers in the first place. It could however have a significant impact.




The Legality Of Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls themselves are legal in most major countries, although there are some bans in countries like India, Turkey and Brazil. There is an issue of legality with regards to smaller dolls being considered to represent children and as such child sex and pornography laws need to be considered. There is also an issue surrounding the hiring of Sex Dolls in some countries as these are seen as sex doll brothels

Dolls aren’t indestructible yet and we’ve actually got to treat them with a little care and respect. If you use your doll carefully and in the usual manner you should avoid major damage but you could still encounter wear and tear. Because dolls are typically made of soft TPE or Silicone it’s possible to catch them on sharp objects or to graze them on rough ones. It’s possible therefore to tear or scuff the skin. TPE dolls, typically damage more easily than silicone dolls and it’s always advisable to remember how much you’ve just paid for your doll.



Tears can generally be glued and the level of success (how good it looks afterwards) often depends on how much care you take (e.g. cleaning the cut before glueing) and what your skill level is with repairs. Note that different glues are used for TPE and silicone dolls. Certain TPE dolls can also be successfully repair by melting with hot air or irons but this is more advanced and not recommended for newbies.



Selling Or Disposing Of Your Doll When You’re Finished With It

There are a number of companies and websites that deal with used dolls and many people will actually buy them as the price can be substantially lower than that of a new doll.

Due to their size and appearance however, they’re a little bit more tricky to dispose of. They can be taken to local tips though this can cause a slight amount of embarrassment when the workers ask what’s inside. Therefore it is advisable to take them to the tip in the box they were shipped in and make sure it’s taped up. You can answer the question with “it’s just household waste mate” and this will likely get you pointed in the right direction.






The Present State Of Sex Doll Technology

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Blowup dolls are considered the cheapest entry to the market, having a thin plastic casing that is blown up like a beach ball in the shape of a person. The genitals are often made out of silicone or TPE and this is sometimes the case for the head, feet and hands.

Plushie/teddy bear dolls are made out the same thing you’d expect to see a teddy bear made out of and generally have TPE or silicone genitals.https://www.kireidoll.com/

Foam dolls have a foam, or polystyrene type core, with an outer layer of plastic or rubber. This keeps both the cost and the weight of the doll low. Though the lightness can lead to a less realistic feel.https://www.kireidoll.com/tpe-real-sex-doll-217.html

TPE and silicone dolls are at the higher end of the scale. TPE is softer than silicone so generally feels better to touch, whereas silicone is more dense so that it is less prone to damage and can have more intimate detail crafted into the skin and features.

All of these types of doll can vary in quality from one product to the next, depending upon the quality of materials used and the craftsmanship at the factory.


https://www.kireidoll.com/tpe-real-sex-doll-250.htmlThe History Of Sex Dolls

The first thing most people can remember is when Del, from Only Fools & Horses, got a load of these on the cheap and tried to flog them for profit. In fact, anyone we speak to over a certain age, mentions this at some point.

Not women but this may be a growing trend and we’ll look at that in the next paragraph


Sex Dolls For Women

This is currently only a small part of the market. Many women in the industry have argued that this is due to the fact that they are predominately designed by men for men, however I think this is only part of the reason as some of the major factories are in fact female owned/managed. The more likely reason that they are not yet popular with women is because they have been historically less visual than men in their sexual desires. Sex dolls are also renowned for being very heavy (sometimes up to 60 or 70kg) and so are more difficult to manage than they are for men (although at the higher end, most men also find them too heavy).


Sex Dolls For Gay Men

Many of the male dolls are, what you would call, a bit twinky (feminine) which suggests that a gay market is, at least slightly, in the mind of the creators. In general, however, gay men do not have a shortage of access to sexual partners so it is unlikely to be a mainstream market. It may however grow to be an alternative for closet homosexuals (those who have not accounted their desires publicly) or for the more adventurous gay men out there wanting to try something new.


The Present State Of Sex Doll Technology

Currently sex dolls are pretty lifelike and could be said to have a 70-80% likeness of a real-life woman, or at least one who doesn’t move. The feel of some of the better quality TPE dolls also comes very close to touching a person, especially if the doll is warmed up. In fact we believe there are few people who could tell the difference when blind folded.

The higher quality dolls also have available some great things as optional extras or a default features. For example the ability to balance/stand by themselves was a development in the last couple of years. This involves metal studs protruding from the feet so that the weight of the doll is transferred into the skeleton, rather than the flesh of the feet (which would otherwise be crushed). Central heating is available whereby the doll can be plugged into the mains and brought up to a realistic body temperature. This gives a much more realistic experience (that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. However, this feature may not make the grade as a hotter doll is currently more susceptible to damage and there was, in the early stages, some issues around dolls melting. Dolls can also easily be heated with electric blankets.https://www.kireidoll.com/sex-tpe-doll-12to14.html

Around 2017 we saw the early dawnings, or more accurately, the precursor to the sex doll movement. This involved the heads being able to, very crudely, talk but having an MP3 player built into the head. This allowed the doll to moan during sex or, for the more technologically, inclined to play back speech. This also did not particularly take off and most retailers no longer offer this option.

We are now starting to see the first sex doll robots, although this is a loose use of the word as they do not currently move beyond the turning of the head, minor facial movements and not-synced movement of the mouth when speech occurs. There is a basic use of AI and speech recognition that allows basic verbal interaction.https://www.kireidoll.com/sex-tpe-doll-10to12.html


Sex Dolls: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

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Sex Doll Brothels

sex doll brothels

With the cost of high end Sex Dolls being, sometimes, in the thousands of pounds or dollars, many entrepreneurial people have offered a rental service in once capacity or another. There have been many, widely publicised cases of this around the world and each countries response has been different. Some countries have allowed it, whilst others have fought vehemently against it.


In the UK, Lovedoll UK were labelled as the first UK sex doll brothel when they launched a try before you buy service. This, however, was quickly shut down by the local authority, as it was deemed to be a sex establishment that required a license from the council. As a license was not expected to be granted, an application was not made and this side of the business went no further. A couple of other small players tried a similar thing and were met by similar hostility from their local authorities. The police, it seems, would not have a problem with such an activity as no laws are being broken.




In Europe there is a mixed position but on the whole it seems that a properly run establishment is acceptable, although some public opposition is still apparent. Spain for example seems to be a particularly open environment for this.

In the US, there have been similar cases to the UK and opposition from local council seems to be just as fierce.

In Russia, it seems that this is also acceptable.


Sex Dolls: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Whether you love them or hate them, sex dolls are definitely here for the foreseeable future. If you’re considering making a purchase, think they’re funny or think they threaten the very fabric of the human race then we’ve got you covered.

Who Buys Them And Why


Just about every type of person can be found to be buying a sex doll. However the majority of customers tend to be middle class men. The social and economic characteristics of this class makes it a more natural fit. There is a small number of women (many being gay) who buy female dolls and an even smaller number of women buying male dolls. Gay men also make up a very small number of male doll purchases.


They are generally bought as they offer something the user couldn’t otherwise obtain, i.e. sex and intimacy, or it offers them in a way that is easier than they would normally get them. For example someone with social anxiety may find it difficult to meet people and sex is even more difficult again. In other situations on partner in a relationship may have a higher sex drive than the other and this is a safer way to satisfy that need, than bringing a third person into the relationship.







the Customs Consolidation Act 1876 and also discussed the matter of publishing pictures of such dolls.

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The first bit of guidance in October 2015 talked about the importation of such a doll and stated it was on offence under the Customs Consolidation Act 1876 and also discussed the matter of publishing pictures of such dolls.

The March 2019 guidance went into further detail on these matters, most notably stating that any doll that has any child like features may be considered and obscene article under the act. This would, for example, cover a tall doll with a child like face or a small doll with adult proportions. This guidance also went on to suggest that shipping such a doll around the UK would be an offence contrary to section 85(3)(b) Postal Services Act 2000. This is a newly proposed offence in relation to child Sex Dolls and demonstrates a further and welcome tightening of the laws and movement around such dolls.



It does not currently appear to be illegal to own such a doll but this would be the final part of the puzzle and most likely be something the authorities were working hard on either establishing an existing offence, or creating a new one.

Prior to the March 2019 guidance, the unofficial position, confirmed by the authorities, was that to be legal a doll must be 140cm or over. Below this it may be deemed to represent a child. It is illegal to have sex with a child (or person who is under the age of 16) and illegal to publish photographs of anyone under the age of 18 in an intimate or sexual way. These laws can be considered applicable to dolls representative of those ages. However with the release of the new guidance we think that even 140cm and up may not by itself be a safe bet.



Europe: the UK is leading the way on this topic so again no firm legislation or guidance is yet in place in the European countries. However demand for small dolls is definitely at an all time low so the unofficial actions are definitely having their effect. It is likely that European countries will follow up with legislation once the UK releases theirs.

The USA: For a long time the USA seemed to show little concern over child Sex Dolls. However, a recent spate of arrests and prosecutions has shown that the tide is changing on this and recently a passed making it a first-degree misdemeanor in the state to possess, give away, advertise, sell or display the dolls, which would be punishable by up to one year in jail and a $1000.00 fine. A second offense would be classed as a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison. Though America being a number of states with different laws, it’s unlikely this will be a uniform position in all states and the main retailers in the US are still selling child like sex dolls. Note that the US House did pass a similar law about a year ago, which became known as the Creeper Act but this was stalled in the Senate.

Australia: The Ozzies seem to be a bit more strict on this and are following closely behind the UK on this.



Doll Age: The Legal Position Of The Future

As discussed previously, the UK authorities are looking to release more specific legislation that will give clearer guidance and deal with the issue of child sex dolls. It is not known, at this time, when that will be released. As well as dealing with importation, it is likely that it will also handle the issue of ownership. It is likely that the rest of the world will follow the example of the UK at varying speeds.




Doll Age: The Argument For And Against

Many people including some major charities have argued that child sex dolls may be beneficial to people with paedophilic tendencies. Especially if they were to be used in a controlled environment with psychiatric help.

However, this will most certainly be rejected by the UK authorities as they believe it is more likely a gateway product and could desensitise the matter in the users mind. This stance was also agreed upon by Democratic state Sen. Lauren Book who was responsible for introducing the legislation to Florida and she said “Just as viewing child pornography lowers the inhibitions of child predators, so do these childlike sex dolls that have no place in the state of Florida.”





Other people have argued that the lower weight of a smaller doll makes them easier to move around and the smaller size makes them easier to conceal. Again this argument is unlikely to be accepted as torso dolls are available (without legs and/or arms) which solve both of these problems and foam dolls (very light) are available which solve the first problem.

Note that some Chinese websites, pretending to be UK companies, are advising that small sex dolls are legal. Customs are actively seizing these and prosecuting the UK individual and there are no penalties for the Chinese supplier.





Sex Doll Stuck In Customs

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Sex Doll Stuck In Customs

So you’ve ordered a doll and feel pretty good about yourself. She’s been made at the factory and has shipped out. So far, life is great and then Customs gets involved and dammit! everything grinds to a halt or is suddenly not so straight forward. Well, thankfully, this doesn’t happen too often and if you’re dealing with a legitimate company, then parcels will likely sail through the process or be delayed by just a few days






What is customs though?

Each country has a Border Force that is responsible for checking two things: 1) that parcels entering into the country fall within the laws of that country and 2) that the appropriate tax or tariffs are paid on them. Many people try to illegally import all kinds of items, from drugs to guns, and also try to pay less tax than they should – so Border Force is given a lot of power to deal with this. They are, in effect, the law on parcel importation.



Sex dolls per se are legal in the UK, most of Europe, the US, Canada, Australia etc. However, there are a couple of legal issues around the topic of sex dolls. The first, and most notable, being centred on the perceived “age” of the doll and whether small ones can be deemed representative of children. The second revolving around the renting out of Sex Dolls or, as the media, has labelled it sex doll brothels.

Doll Age: The Current Legal Position



United Kingdom (UK): The legislation that currently deals with this is the Customs Consolidation Act 1876 and the specific offence revolves importation, rather than ownership. Although its scope can and does cover child sex dolls it was unlikely that its authors had such items in mind and so there is a lack of specific detail regarding this subject.  was released in October 2015 to help with its interpretation with relation to child sex dolls and furtherwas released in March 2019. With specific legislation being expected in the near future.






Should I Buy A Sex Doll?

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In the early sex doll days, the best you could hope for was a plastic inflatable in the vague shape of a woman with some kind of indentation in which your todger could run the sharpest of gauntlets. As men and, especially, young men our pervasive sex drives really weren’t prepared to accept such a poor substitute and so pioneers all over the world began putting their creative genius to the truest male task of all – recreating the female form for the single purpose of satisfactory sexual gratification… and yes! before you ask, I’m going to credit the modern sex doll to the creative genius of all men!!!https://www.jpdolls.com/category/c12.html

Will Robots Replace Women

So we started to find materials that were softer and more realistic when lubricated and penetrated. I’m not talking about those of you who used to bonk fruit like melons or made the most extravagant creations out of rubber gloves or other household objects. I’m talking here about soft plastic materials such as silicone and then the more modern elastic rubbers.


A few years later we realised that if the honeypots felt good being made out of soft materials, then why not make the whole doll out of them and thus were born the modern silicone and TPE sex dolls. You’d think at this point we’d step back, marvel at our creations and rejoice as only a wrongly imprisoned convict could. We didn’t though did we? We sat back for a few more years and asked everyone if it was alright for us to actually use them. We asked for the opinion and permission of fellow men and women. Well, as we should all know by now, it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission because any time you ask (or in this case beg) for permission you’ll get a resolute NO!

https://www.jpdolls.com/category/c11.htmlAs men, we can be pretty judgemental of not only other mens sex drives but of our own. This really isn’t surprising considering we’ve been shamed from the day of our first wanks, with mothers or sisters hinting (or in the worst cases outright proclaiming) that we were dirty little bastards and, because it’s such a sensitive issue for us, we believed them.

Then, a few of us, a few brave men began to stand up. We set up shops, communities and safe havens for men to grow in confidence. We began to appear on TV, radio and in newspapers. We accepted the initial ridicule until a few more of us started to accept and realise that it wasn’t such a bad idea and soon enough the general message started to pervade our psyches: Do not be ashamed! Be proud of your sexuality, your sex dolls, your masturbators, your penises and parade them before the world.

https://www.jpdolls.com/category/c22.htmlSo here we are, it has happened, the most important revolution of mans history – we have began to accept our sexuality. We’ve began to shake things up and really put the cat amongst the pigeons. We’ve recreated the female form so that we can use it how and when we want. We are no longer slaves to the whims, mind games and control of those who would harness our drives for their own. We can finally live as we want.

We’re now at a crossroads and where we go from here is up to you. We can abandon women entirely and shack up with our dolls or we can simply accept that men are not powerless in todays society. We can now replace women at the drop of a hat and before anyone says, what about the love, what about the emotion what about the interaction, let me tell you a little more about sex dolls because what started out as simple place to dip our wicks has become so much more.

The Control Of Woman

Many men our now having fully fledged relationships with their dolls. No, they’re not crazy and talking to their inanimate partners. They’re simply creating a mental and emotional relationship with the feminine part of their brain. They’re feeling genuine affection for something/someone who doesn’t constantly nag them, who doesn’t cause daily problems and who doesn’t cheat on them. Someone who is always there and allows them to be both strong and vulnerable. Quite simply someone who doesn’t try to control and manipulate them with every fibre of their being.

https://www.jpdolls.com/category/c21.htmlThis psyche they create around their dolls brings in the other great and positive attributes of women, their ability to nurture and love. Their kindness and lack of judgement that we all felt momentarily as small boys but that was cast to the wind once we began to mature. It’s that almost back in the womb feeling of being incubated by love that we all crave.

Sex dolls and sex robots can give us that. They can give those of us who need it, the time, the care and the freedom that we need to grow and flourish in this life. There’s no doubt they’re growing in popularity and if you have an aggressive counterpart, who is neglectful and only out for themselves then this is a very real, affordable and practical alternative.https://www.jpdolls.com/category/c23.html



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