Should I Buy A Sex Doll?

riarudoll | 10 September, 2019 06:10

In the early sex doll days, the best you could hope for was a plastic inflatable in the vague shape of a woman with some kind of indentation in which your todger could run the sharpest of gauntlets. As men and, especially, young men our pervasive sex drives really weren’t prepared to accept such a poor substitute and so pioneers all over the world began putting their creative genius to the truest male task of all – recreating the female form for the single purpose of satisfactory sexual gratification… and yes! before you ask, I’m going to credit the modern sex doll to the creative genius of all men!!!https://www.jpdolls.com/category/c12.html

Will Robots Replace Women

So we started to find materials that were softer and more realistic when lubricated and penetrated. I’m not talking about those of you who used to bonk fruit like melons or made the most extravagant creations out of rubber gloves or other household objects. I’m talking here about soft plastic materials such as silicone and then the more modern elastic rubbers.


A few years later we realised that if the honeypots felt good being made out of soft materials, then why not make the whole doll out of them and thus were born the modern silicone and TPE sex dolls. You’d think at this point we’d step back, marvel at our creations and rejoice as only a wrongly imprisoned convict could. We didn’t though did we? We sat back for a few more years and asked everyone if it was alright for us to actually use them. We asked for the opinion and permission of fellow men and women. Well, as we should all know by now, it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission because any time you ask (or in this case beg) for permission you’ll get a resolute NO!

https://www.jpdolls.com/category/c11.htmlAs men, we can be pretty judgemental of not only other mens sex drives but of our own. This really isn’t surprising considering we’ve been shamed from the day of our first wanks, with mothers or sisters hinting (or in the worst cases outright proclaiming) that we were dirty little bastards and, because it’s such a sensitive issue for us, we believed them.

Then, a few of us, a few brave men began to stand up. We set up shops, communities and safe havens for men to grow in confidence. We began to appear on TV, radio and in newspapers. We accepted the initial ridicule until a few more of us started to accept and realise that it wasn’t such a bad idea and soon enough the general message started to pervade our psyches: Do not be ashamed! Be proud of your sexuality, your sex dolls, your masturbators, your penises and parade them before the world.

https://www.jpdolls.com/category/c22.htmlSo here we are, it has happened, the most important revolution of mans history – we have began to accept our sexuality. We’ve began to shake things up and really put the cat amongst the pigeons. We’ve recreated the female form so that we can use it how and when we want. We are no longer slaves to the whims, mind games and control of those who would harness our drives for their own. We can finally live as we want.

We’re now at a crossroads and where we go from here is up to you. We can abandon women entirely and shack up with our dolls or we can simply accept that men are not powerless in todays society. We can now replace women at the drop of a hat and before anyone says, what about the love, what about the emotion what about the interaction, let me tell you a little more about sex dolls because what started out as simple place to dip our wicks has become so much more.

The Control Of Woman

Many men our now having fully fledged relationships with their dolls. No, they’re not crazy and talking to their inanimate partners. They’re simply creating a mental and emotional relationship with the feminine part of their brain. They’re feeling genuine affection for something/someone who doesn’t constantly nag them, who doesn’t cause daily problems and who doesn’t cheat on them. Someone who is always there and allows them to be both strong and vulnerable. Quite simply someone who doesn’t try to control and manipulate them with every fibre of their being.

https://www.jpdolls.com/category/c21.htmlThis psyche they create around their dolls brings in the other great and positive attributes of women, their ability to nurture and love. Their kindness and lack of judgement that we all felt momentarily as small boys but that was cast to the wind once we began to mature. It’s that almost back in the womb feeling of being incubated by love that we all crave.

Sex dolls and sex robots can give us that. They can give those of us who need it, the time, the care and the freedom that we need to grow and flourish in this life. There’s no doubt they’re growing in popularity and if you have an aggressive counterpart, who is neglectful and only out for themselves then this is a very real, affordable and practical alternative.https://www.jpdolls.com/category/c23.html



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