Sex Doll Stuck In Customs

riarudoll | 10 September, 2019 06:17


Sex Doll Stuck In Customs

So you’ve ordered a doll and feel pretty good about yourself. She’s been made at the factory and has shipped out. So far, life is great and then Customs gets involved and dammit! everything grinds to a halt or is suddenly not so straight forward. Well, thankfully, this doesn’t happen too often and if you’re dealing with a legitimate company, then parcels will likely sail through the process or be delayed by just a few days






What is customs though?

Each country has a Border Force that is responsible for checking two things: 1) that parcels entering into the country fall within the laws of that country and 2) that the appropriate tax or tariffs are paid on them. Many people try to illegally import all kinds of items, from drugs to guns, and also try to pay less tax than they should – so Border Force is given a lot of power to deal with this. They are, in effect, the law on parcel importation.



Sex dolls per se are legal in the UK, most of Europe, the US, Canada, Australia etc. However, there are a couple of legal issues around the topic of sex dolls. The first, and most notable, being centred on the perceived “age” of the doll and whether small ones can be deemed representative of children. The second revolving around the renting out of Sex Dolls or, as the media, has labelled it sex doll brothels.

Doll Age: The Current Legal Position



United Kingdom (UK): The legislation that currently deals with this is the Customs Consolidation Act 1876 and the specific offence revolves importation, rather than ownership. Although its scope can and does cover child sex dolls it was unlikely that its authors had such items in mind and so there is a lack of specific detail regarding this subject.  was released in October 2015 to help with its interpretation with relation to child sex dolls and furtherwas released in March 2019. With specific legislation being expected in the near future.







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