Sex Dolls: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

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Sex Doll Brothels

sex doll brothels

With the cost of high end Sex Dolls being, sometimes, in the thousands of pounds or dollars, many entrepreneurial people have offered a rental service in once capacity or another. There have been many, widely publicised cases of this around the world and each countries response has been different. Some countries have allowed it, whilst others have fought vehemently against it.


In the UK, Lovedoll UK were labelled as the first UK sex doll brothel when they launched a try before you buy service. This, however, was quickly shut down by the local authority, as it was deemed to be a sex establishment that required a license from the council. As a license was not expected to be granted, an application was not made and this side of the business went no further. A couple of other small players tried a similar thing and were met by similar hostility from their local authorities. The police, it seems, would not have a problem with such an activity as no laws are being broken.




In Europe there is a mixed position but on the whole it seems that a properly run establishment is acceptable, although some public opposition is still apparent. Spain for example seems to be a particularly open environment for this.

In the US, there have been similar cases to the UK and opposition from local council seems to be just as fierce.

In Russia, it seems that this is also acceptable.


Sex Dolls: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Whether you love them or hate them, sex dolls are definitely here for the foreseeable future. If you’re considering making a purchase, think they’re funny or think they threaten the very fabric of the human race then we’ve got you covered.

Who Buys Them And Why


Just about every type of person can be found to be buying a sex doll. However the majority of customers tend to be middle class men. The social and economic characteristics of this class makes it a more natural fit. There is a small number of women (many being gay) who buy female dolls and an even smaller number of women buying male dolls. Gay men also make up a very small number of male doll purchases.


They are generally bought as they offer something the user couldn’t otherwise obtain, i.e. sex and intimacy, or it offers them in a way that is easier than they would normally get them. For example someone with social anxiety may find it difficult to meet people and sex is even more difficult again. In other situations on partner in a relationship may have a higher sex drive than the other and this is a safer way to satisfy that need, than bringing a third person into the relationship.








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