Sex Doll Damage And Repairs

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As well as the recent developments in the last section there are a number of things that are likely to be at least tested and then included as an option or as standard in the dolls of the future. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a big one and although, some companies are trying to develop their own, it is likely that dolls of the future will integrate the AI of the big companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft. This will allow us to have direct conversations and, most likely, give instructions to our dolls.

A rather under-developed and not yet focused upon feature is movement. The dolls of the future will be able to move around in a sexual manner (such as gyrating and sucking) as well as be able to walk around and perform human activities.


There may even come a point when sex robots become indistinguishable from humans – both in looks and actions. This may even move into tranhumanism, whereby humans merge or transport their consciousness into them.


The Threat Of Sex Dolls

This is more commonly seen as the threat of sex robots but this is where they started and the argument is still relevant.

The fact is that many men are now having a sex doll instead of a girlfriend or wife. So it could be argued that they are a threat to institute of marriage or society itself. If relationships break down then something else may emerge. Examples of this may be that women only cluster to certain men for pregnancy or not at all. This could ultimately lead to a drop in birthrate and potential extinction of the species. However this seems unlikely, as the human instinct to procreate is what got us to the current population numbers in the first place. It could however have a significant impact.




The Legality Of Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls themselves are legal in most major countries, although there are some bans in countries like India, Turkey and Brazil. There is an issue of legality with regards to smaller dolls being considered to represent children and as such child sex and pornography laws need to be considered. There is also an issue surrounding the hiring of Sex Dolls in some countries as these are seen as sex doll brothels

Dolls aren’t indestructible yet and we’ve actually got to treat them with a little care and respect. If you use your doll carefully and in the usual manner you should avoid major damage but you could still encounter wear and tear. Because dolls are typically made of soft TPE or Silicone it’s possible to catch them on sharp objects or to graze them on rough ones. It’s possible therefore to tear or scuff the skin. TPE dolls, typically damage more easily than silicone dolls and it’s always advisable to remember how much you’ve just paid for your doll.



Tears can generally be glued and the level of success (how good it looks afterwards) often depends on how much care you take (e.g. cleaning the cut before glueing) and what your skill level is with repairs. Note that different glues are used for TPE and silicone dolls. Certain TPE dolls can also be successfully repair by melting with hot air or irons but this is more advanced and not recommended for newbies.



Selling Or Disposing Of Your Doll When You’re Finished With It

There are a number of companies and websites that deal with used dolls and many people will actually buy them as the price can be substantially lower than that of a new doll.

Due to their size and appearance however, they’re a little bit more tricky to dispose of. They can be taken to local tips though this can cause a slight amount of embarrassment when the workers ask what’s inside. Therefore it is advisable to take them to the tip in the box they were shipped in and make sure it’s taped up. You can answer the question with “it’s just household waste mate” and this will likely get you pointed in the right direction.







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